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Turf Paperweight - Dark grass

Design Seller Australian CCC00008
Danielle Rickaby is a glass designer with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, South Australia. Her solid glass sculpturing techniques are based on traditional Italian glass methods and grinding and polishing. Her glass turf sculptures are like a precious and fun small world captured in glass that you can hold in your hands. They draw attention to the value of everyday, lawn, dirt the things we walk on.

The Turf Paperweight is a hand blown and cold worked glass orb. Inside the glass orb are blades of 'pseudo' grass. TURF is a precious plot earth. Well manicured, groomed to perfection, or wild, windy growing in every direction. Pesticide free since 1983. No sprinkler required.

Care instructions: Wipe with damp cloth
Dimensions: H: 80mm x W 90mm
Weight: 0.6kg

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary slightly.
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Turf Paperweight - Dark grass

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