Linda Brattlöf will have you dancing in your gumboots with designer garden hoses and accessories by Garden Glory from Sooper Design shop online

Garden Glory

Garden Glory garden hoses are now available on Sooper Design shop online. These gorgeous Scandinavian garden hoses and accessories are described by their designer Linda Brattlöf as being “For glamorous people with dirty nails™”.

When Linda moved with her family to a country style house she discovered an inspiring garden that tickled her gardening urges. Though not born with especially green fingers, she had always been interested in gardening from a perspective of design, colour and form. One day, Linda noticed the old green hose hanging on the wall, and thought, this could be something completely different and new.  Easier said than done! All the hoses available were green or yellow with orange nozzles. These hoses did not provide inspiration to go out and create a fabulous garden and they didn’t add anything aesthetic to the wall. After a while, the idea was born and Linda has designed a beautiful range of garden hoses and accessories that are exclusive and high quality with a fun feel that inspires fulfilling gardening. After finding the perfect manufacturer that could produce a high quality hoses, the Garden Glory seed began to grow and flourish.

A message from Linda... 
Who wants to cut the red roses in ugly gloves? Where are all the dazzling rakes hiding? And why is no one wearing sequined rubber boots when it is pouring rain? We want the outdoor life to be more beautiful, elegant and merry. That is why we decided to be the first company in the world to design colorful garden hoses, followed by our nozzles and wall mounted hose holders. Our hoses inspire a dance through the pansies and getting out to nourish your precious flowers and zesty leaves. They can be placed on any walls and you can mix, match and have fun with the designs. I hope you like what you see and be inspired to dance with your dazzling nozzle and stunning hose!
Wishing you colour, beauty and rich top soil!
Linda Brattlöf,
Founder of Garden Glory